Happy Valley Pearl

Definition of pearl in wikipedia : A pearl is a hard object produced within the soft tissue of a living shell. The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries, and because of this, the word pearl has become a metaphor for something very rare, fine, admirable, and valuable. Aptly we named this project as Happy Valley Pearl.
Apartment project was approved on 25th Oct, 2013 vide L. P. No.0179/12-13 by BBMP.

Why should you buy a flat with us ?
We always use graded and branded raw material like Tata steel, L&T / Ultratech cement and Lafarge concrete. Though these raw materials are not seen after the building is completed we harp on highest grade of quality which can be achieved by what goes in manufacturing a fine and strong house. Like Garbage in Garbage out GIGO concept. You can never expect the right quality of output using inferior inputs. So in the process of manufacturing only if you put in good quality of raw materials you can expect a fine quality product. Just as hard and admirable as a pearl.
More carpet area to sellable area ratio :
Our ratio of carpet area to sellable areas is more than what others are offering in the market. Note this percentage varies from project to project and builder to builder. And in the absence of a regulation on this ratio it varies from 50 - 70 % of the sellable area. Eventually you end up paying more and get lesser carpet areas. But with Happy Valley Pearl the Carpet area to sellable ratio varies between 67.57 ~ 72.96 % which is something very rare a Pearl.

And finally our living areas are spacious, invite more natural light and ventilation, and also Vastu compliant.

The apartment Happy Valley Pearl is blessed with 3 sides of roads one of which is 60 feet wide and the other two are 40 feet wide. On the southern side you will get a full view of a 6 acre park / play ground for good health, lung space and greenery which has been handed over to the BDA / BBMP.

Distances : Nearest Bus stop 200 meters, Hospital : 2 km, Market : 1.5 km.

ground floor happy valley
Ground Floor
UNIT - 001
UNIT - 002
UNIT - 003
UNIT - 004
UNIT - 005
UNIT - 006
UNIT - 007
UNIT - 008
first floor happy valley
First Floor
UNIT - 101
UNIT - 102
UNIT - 103
UNIT - 104
UNIT - 105
UNIT - 106
UNIT - 107
UNIT - 108
second floor happy valley
Second Floor
UNIT - 201
UNIT - 202
UNIT - 203
UNIT - 204
UNIT - 205
UNIT - 206
UNIT - 207
UNIT - 208
Upper Floor-Lower Floor
UNIT - 301
UNIT - 302
UNIT - 303
UNIT - 304
UNIT - 305
UNIT - 306
UNIT - 307
UNIT - 308
Car Parking - Basement Plan

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